About Us


We're so passionate about our food, it doesn't stop there. We understand that the smallest touches can sometimes make a big difference, we spend hours in our kitchens exploring ways to improve our recipes - be it in the way our food is prepared, or the way in which it is served. We aim to create a contemporary brand with the promotion of healthy, fresh, nutritious ingredients that appeal to a broad market.

Our kebabs are our speciality, made from quality ingredients that are exclusive to us.The great taste comes from the SECRET SAUCES and MARINATE that set our products apart, from our competitors. We use 100% succulent meats and pure chicken fillets which are steam cooked to maintain quality and consistency. We only use fresh, locally produced vegetables that are delivered and prepared daily along with our special "Naan" bread. Our tried and tested methods are totally different to the way other operators make their kebabs.These make our "Doner Kebab" a truly unique taste experience for all of our customers.

And of course, it’s not just about the kebabs! We are committed to serving the best possible Southern Fried Chicken and with our NEW flavour recipe, our hard work and dedication has paid off! Succulent pieces of fresh chicken are marinated to give flavour right through to the bone. Hunger 4 prides itself on never using processed chicken, only fresh whole pieces & fillets. They are then coated in breading made from the finest ingredients mixed with a unique blend of herbs, spices.

Another firm favourite on our menu are our Pizzas, We cater for all tastes and assure the same level of quality from all our pizzas ranging from BBQ Chicken to our Full House. The recipe for success for our pizzas is that we always use fresh hand prepared dough and only the finest toppings. We work hard with our suppliers to make sure that a Hunger 4 Pizza has the best possible ingredients in it.


Preparing food the right way.

All of our team is trained in food safety and hygiene. It's a rigorous and thorough process that ensures your meal is fresh and delicious every time. All our staff is equipped on food temperature management, product handling and quality. We maintain very high standards of food hygiene to ensure food freshness and avoid cross-contamination.


Hunger 4 is an exciting business which has a growing reputation for quality, variety and value for money in the fast food industry. As Hunger 4 continues to expand it's unique brand, an expert management team has been assembled to provide a unique and individual franchise opportunity which includes full training, guidance and support along with the strength of the Hunger 4 brand and philosophy. There has never been a better time for self-motivated individuals, couples or groups to join the success of Hunger 4. Please fill in the enquiry from on Contact us page and a member of our management team will get back to you as soon as possible.